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    What kind of performance does a high quality synchronous whe

    Article provenance:未知 Popularity:發表時間:2019-05-24 16:27

          How many people know about the synchronous wheel? What kind of performance does the quality synchronous wheel have? Do you know the following? The following is a brief introduction from the synchronous wheel manufacturers, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

          Synchronous wheel high precision: Accuracy directly affects the quality of the product, especially the mechatronics product. Its technical performance, process level and function are greatly improved compared with ordinary mechanical products. Therefore, the high precision of the mechatronic mechanical system is its The first requirement.

          Synchronous wheel fast responsiveness: that is, the time interval between the mechanical system and the task specified by the start of the execution instruction is required to be short, so that the control system can issue instructions according to the operating state information of the mechanical system in time to accurately complete the task. .

          Convenient installation of the synchronous wheel: When installing the synchronous wheel, the center distance should be shortened first, and the tensioning wheel should be relaxed. The timing belt should not be forced to be dragged from the timing of the timing belt rim, and the similar method can be used for disassembly. During the installation and use of the synchronous wheel, overload, over-tightening, looseness, non-parallel timing pulleys, and insufficient width of the timing pulley should be avoided. In particular, the parallelism between the driving wheel and the driven wheel should be adjusted. Otherwise, the timing belt is in the width direction. Uneven tension can affect the life of the timing belt or cause the failure of the timing belt, which is similar to the requirements of gear transmission and chain transmission.

          Good stability of the synchronous wheel: that is, the working performance of the mechanical system is not affected by the external environment, and the anti-interference ability is strong. The timing belt is a transmission part that combines the advantages of chain, gear and triangular tape. Because the timing belt is a transmission part that combines the advantages of chain, gear and triangle tape.

          The above is for everyone to introduce the performance of the high-quality synchronous wheel, I hope to be helpful to everyone, if there is anything you can not directly understand the communication with our customer service, we are dedicated to serve you, thank you for watching.

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