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    What are the requirements for precision in the gear factory?

    Article provenance:未知 Popularity:發表時間:2019-05-24 16:30

          In machinery we need to use gears to transmit power. According to the different directions of power transmission, different types of gears need to be selected. Therefore, after understanding the use method of the gears, please select the gears suitable for the purpose. Everyone is familiar with the gears. Then everyone knows the gear machining precision of the gear factory. Is there any requirement? Just come and let us briefly introduce you.

          The manufacturing precision of the gear factory directly affects the working performance, load bearing capacity, noise and service life of the machine. Therefore, according to the requirements of the gears, four requirements for the gear transmission are required.

          1 Reasonability of transmission side clearance: It is required to have a certain side gap between the non-working tooth surfaces of the meshing teeth, which is convenient for storing lubricating oil, compensating for elastic deformation and thermal deformation and manufacturing and installation errors of the gears.

          2 Uniformity of load distribution: It is required that the tooth surface contact is good when the gear is working, and a certain contact area and a contact position that meets the requirements are ensured to ensure uniform load distribution. It does not concentrate the stress on the tooth surface, causing premature wear of the tooth surface, thus reducing the service life.

          3 The smoothness of the transmission motion: that is, the large rotation angle error of the gear in one tooth rotation angle is within the specified range. The instantaneous transmission ratio of the gear pair is changed small to ensure the smoothness of the transmission and reduce vibration, shock and noise.

         4 The accuracy of the transmission motion: that is, the rotation angle error of the gear in one rotation is required to not exceed a certain range. The gear pair transmission ratio is changed small to ensure accurate transmission movement.

          The gear factory processing gear transmission device is a transmission mechanism composed of a plurality of gears. By using the gear meshing principle, the rotation speed of the prime mover is converted to the required rotation speed, and the corresponding torque is obtained. Gear transmission is an important basic part of mechanical equipment, so it determines its irreplaceability in the field of general mechanical equipment, and the original gear has long service life and compact structure; it is characterized by its safety, reliability and cost performance.

           The above is the related content brought by the gear factory. I hope that it can help everyone. If there is anything you can't understand, you can communicate directly with our customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly, thank you for watching.

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