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    The rise of new gathering areas, the gear industry will be r

    Article provenance:未知 Popularity:發表時間:2019-05-24 16:40

           "After three years of embarrassing stage, since the beginning of last year, China's gear industry has entered the fourth growth cycle, and this will be a comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative improvement." China Machinery General Parts Industry Association Mr. Shi Zhaoyao, Vice President and Permanent Secretary of the Gear Branch (GGMA) and Professor of Changjiang Scholars, said at the 2018 National Gear Technology Symposium held in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province from June 23rd to 24th.

           In his view, the domestic automatic transmission, precision reducer, rail transit gearbox as the main field, in the fourth growth cycle, after three to five years, the gear industry's output value will exceed 300 billion yuan.

           Gear industry is the basic industry of China's equipment manufacturing industry. It has high industrial relevance, strong employment, and intensive technical funds. It is an important guarantee for the equipment manufacturing industry to achieve industrial upgrading and technological progress. After 30 years of development, China's gear industry has fully integrated into the world's supporting system, and has formed the world's most complete industrial system, historically realized the transition from the low end to the middle end, gear technology system and gear technology standard system. Basically formed.

           "Although the gear industry has made great progress, we still have a lot of key products to import, such as automatic transmissions for automobiles, robot reducers, etc. Last year, China's gear import value reached 16 billion US dollars, exports 6 billion US dollars, and a deficit of 10 billion US dollars." As the organizer of the seminar, Wang Changlu, vice president and secretary general of CGMA, reminded that "ZTE incident, Sino-US trade war has given us a wake-up call, and we must accelerate independent research and development. To achieve a gear power, the gear industry needs to continue. We also have a long way to go to increase technological innovation.

           "Currently, the traditional design and manufacturing theory, standards and specifications can not meet the development needs of gears, especially the special service gears such as complex variable load, heavy load impact and large deformation. It is still far from mature in basic theory and related technologies. These problems have severely restricted the development of high-end equipment industry such as helicopters, robots, large ships, rail transit, new energy equipment, etc., said Lin Shoujin, general manager of the conference host Zhongshan Mielette CNC Technology Co., Ltd. It is in the intelligent era of pure mechanical gear transmission to the highly integrated product upgrade of machine, electricity, liquid, control and information technology. This is a major opportunity for the breakthrough of China gear industry.

           Therefore, this seminar was based on the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing, Synergistic Linkage, and Collaboration”. Not only was Dr. Frank Heartig from the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, Dr. Zhang Jishan from the National Gear Technology Center of the United Kingdom, and the Institute of Mechanical Science. Mr. Zhongde and other top experts in the gear industry at home and abroad shared the international gear design, test and measurement frontier technology and practice, and also focused on the fifth generation of metal forming technology, high-speed rail gearbox, precision reducer and other gear new technologies, new processes, new The topics such as equipment were exchanged, and after the meeting, I visited Zhongshan Myret.

           Founded in 2012, Myret specializes in the development and production of industrial automation control products. It has completed the construction of software and hardware technology development platforms for high-end CNC systems, and has become the domestic drilling and biomass granulating mold drilling equipment manufacturing field. The front runners and pioneers in the field of CNC gear machine tool manufacturing, a variety of products are sold to the United States, Switzerland, France, Argentina, Turkey, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Russia and New Zealand and other countries.

          “The gear industry will usher in the opportunity to reshuffle.” Shi Zhaoyao told the China Industry News reporter, “We have investigated dozens of companies and found a number of new products such as Zhongshan Minette, Shenzhen Zhaowei, Guangdong Jinli, Dongguan Xinghuo, etc. The leading enterprises are emerging in the industry. The benefits of these enterprises are very good, the entrepreneurs are younger, and the development concept of the company is also very good. With them as representatives, China's gear industry is forming a new industrial cluster: Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area."

           This is why this technical seminar was held in Zhongshan, Guangdong. According to Xu Xiaoli, deputy mayor of Zhongshan Municipal People's Government, as a province of precision manufacturing, Guangdong is also the most advanced highland in the country, and its gear transmission enterprises are also in the forefront of the country. “Zhongshan City has three billion-dollar industrial clusters such as equipment manufacturing, electronic information, and household appliances. The proportion of advanced manufacturing accounts for nearly 50% of GDP.

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