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    Timing pulley application field

    Article provenance:未知 Popularity:發表時間:2019-05-24 16:56

          Pulley? I have never heard of it, I believe that many people will react to this word after hearing the word. In plain language, the timing belt is driven by a driving wheel. The moving wheel is composed of a conveyor belt, and the three components are equidistantly engaged, and the conveyor belt is tightly fitted on the driving wheel and the driven wheel.

          If you can't imagine it, it's just a matter of the relationship between the chain and the wheel on the bicycle. However, the timing pulley is not used on the bicycle. It is not that the synchronous pulley is useless, but the characteristics of the bicycle make it Synchronous pulleys can't be used on bicycles, but the more advanced point of travel tools can be used, such as on the car, the synchronous pulley to reduce vibration, low running noise, etc., is most suitable for use in cars, but also in chemical fiber, Textile machinery, cigarette machinery, paper, printing machinery, chemicals, light industry, food, food, machinery, mining, metallurgy, steel machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, communications equipment, and various precision machine tools, precision instruments and so on.

          Don't look at it. It's just a part of so many machines. If it's missing like a plastic shredder, let's not smash the plastic, even the machine can't even do the work. In short, the timing pulley is a very important part and It is widely used for transmission purposes and is much more advanced than chain drives.

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