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  • Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Yufeng Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Yufeng Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.



    Contact phone18925818758

    Gear processing manufacturer-Yufeng Machinery Industry Co.,

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           A Fuzhou Gear Factory, a gear processing manufacturer that can provide various types of gear processing, synchronous belt wheel processing, gear shaft machining, worm gear, worm machining, precision parts processing and gear box processing.

          We can produce: gears, timing belt pulleys, gear shafts, worm gears, worm gears, gear boxes, sprockets, straight bevel gears (umbrella gears), internal gears, CNC precision metal parts, processing radiator parts, aluminum Secondary processing of various castings such as boxes, industrial belts, etc. (car thread, outer diameter of fine car, inner hole of fine car).

           Dongguan Yufeng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. existing equipment: has many sets of advanced production equipment from Japan or domestically produced, such as cutting machine, CNC numerical control lathe, automatic lathe, gear hobbing machine, centerless grinding machine, tapping machine, Various types of drilling machines, grinding machines, high-speed shovel machines, injection molding machines and other auxiliary equipment.

           The company's transmission parts production processing range and capacity: our hobbing machine copper parts can be processed to 3 modules, steel parts can be processed to 2 modules, the maximum number of machining teeth: 250 teeth. The special hob can directly cut the hardened steel gear of HR48~52, fully demonstrating high rigidity; the gear processing diameter range: 120 (mm), processing accuracy grade: JIS3~4 grade;

           The precision of precision parts and components can reach IT6 grade, that is, the general dimensional tolerance is<0.008, the surface roughness Ra<0.2, the coaxiality processing is <0.002. The product diameter is 2mm-200mm, and the length is 1mm-500mm;

           Gear type: spur gear, spur gear, helical gear, helical gear, sector gear, double gear, bevel gear, etc.

           Timing pulley model: MXL XL 2M S2M HTD 3M S3M 8M S8M T5 T10 AT5 AT10 2GT, etc.

            Our products are used in all major fields, mainly for: micro motors, automated assembly lines, communications, molds, oil pumps, electric actuators, intelligent automation equipment, pattern machines, textile machines, printers, medical equipment, electric wheelchairs, fitness equipment, Shredders, small gearboxes, smart door and window locks, household appliances, financial equipment, time card clocks, mechanical equipment, toy cars, woodworking machinery, electric spring machines, leather machinery, textile machinery, mixers, laser machines, carton machinery, points Melters, small gearboxes and other transmission equipment.

           Our delivery time: general proofing products: 3~7 days, batch processing: 5~12 days to deliver, the production capacity is 60Kpcs/month.

           Our strengths are high-precision, complex-structured products, which can be processed by customers in large and small batches. At the same time, we have advantages in the processing of stainless steel and copper and aluminum products, and can provide customers with product design drawings.

           Tel: 18925818758 QQ: 283775488 Contact: Miss Luo

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