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    Peak environmental protection measures

    Article provenance:未知 Popularity:發表時間:2019-05-24 17:27

    It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. Fengfeng Machinery also has the responsibility and obligation to protect the environment, and has developed a detailed response plan at the beginning of the plant.

    1. Promote energy savings

    For the selection of production equipment and processes, everything is based on energy saving.

    2. Strictly control emissions

    For the amount of CO2 discharged from the factory, monitoring is carried out for 24 hours to prevent excessive discharge.

    3. Waste reduction and treatment

    Promote recycling, scientific processing and proper waste reduction.

    4, the efficiency of productivity

    Regularly re-evaluate the production process of the factory and change the factory layout to promote productivity.

    5. Education and training

    Carry out education and training for all employees, so that all employees have a deep understanding of environmental protection and develop a conscious awareness of environmental protection.

    From formulating guidelines, implementation, training, mutual supervision, to cultivation, Yufeng Machinery will continue to make unremitting efforts and be proud of it!

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